Rank Choice Voting Builds Momentum Across Minnesota

April 7, 2015

FairVote Minnesota, a Voqal Fund grantee, works for better democracy through public education and advocacy by focusing on progressive voting systems that lead to greater competitiveness, better representation and more participation in elections.

One such system, Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), is one of the more significant political reforms in generations.

Over the past several years, FairVote Minnesota has worked to build an organizing, communications and fundraising infrastructure to expand RCV in communities across Minnesota and move toward a statewide campaign. On the heels of very successful RCV elections in Minneapolis and St. Paul, FairVote Minnesota now has set its sights on expansion to Duluth, Rochester and beyond.

From giving voters more choice to fostering civil campaigns to decreasing the role of money in politics, FairVote Minnesota is hard at work transforming politics in Minnesota through promotion of RCV.