Sprint Loses in Court Again

Nov. 19, 2015

This just in: In an another attempt to subvert the orders of Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders, Sprint asked an appeals court to suspend her decision and force the nonprofits that run Mobile Citizen and Mobile Beacon to pony up a $65 million bond despite her ruling that this was excessive and unnecessary. But just like Judge Sanders did, the appellate court firmly rejected Sprint’s requests, dismissing them before we even submitted our papers.

Sprint’s remaining legal options, including asking the court of appeals for an emergency stay in our case, are quickly dwindling. Assuming they continue to lose, the balance of Sprint’s appeal regarding the preliminary injunction will now take several months to be heard and, during the interim, will not affect Sanders’ initial ruling.

Two full weeks have passed since Judge Sanders ordered Sprint to: (1) maintain parts of the WiMax network for 90 days to allow Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen time to migrate their users to Sprint’s LTE network; (2) provide accounts as good as the highest level of retail service provided on the Sprint or Clearwire networks; and (3) provide devices that connect to Sprint’s LTE network. 

Despite multiple losses in both the trial court and the appellate court and some post-decision discussions, Sprint continues to drag its feet and has failed to provide the level of service required by the court and transition to LTE even one Mobile Citizen or Mobile Beacon customer. 

Let’s hope Sprint suddenly gets some Thanksgiving spirit. Sprint can still reverse course and commit to keeping our 300,000 customers online, vulnerable children, parents, teachers and seniors who will have no Internet access should Sprint disconnect them. It’s what the courts require, and it’s the right thing to do.