Sprint Requests $65M Bond in Mobile Citizen Case

Nov. 9, 2015

Per the preliminary injunction granted Friday, Sprint is supposed to be working with Mobile Citizen and Mobile Beacon to get our customers transitioned over to LTE. But it’s not. It immediately appealed the decision. And late Friday Sprint submitted a motion to the court requesting that the nonprofits that run Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen tender a $65 million bond to cover its supposed costs during the 90-day extension.

We learned this afternoon that the court will hear argument tomorrow at 11 a.m. EST on the bond.

$65 million is an excessive figure, and unduly burdensome for nonprofits. Sprint knows that. And even though the judge found that Sprint’s data plan that throttles throughput to our users is not what our contract calls for, we still can order only that throttled plan.

Instead of doing the right thing, Sprint is trying to undermine us and is doing everything it can to cut off Internet access to our 300,000 children, teachers, seniors, nonprofit employees and librarians.

In response to this news and to Sprint’s failure to work with us, we’re going to be doing some direct actions with partners and customers this week and next. We’ll keep you posted on those events.