Voqal Announces Creation of Techquity Fellowship

May 8, 2017

The racial and ethnic diversity of leadership in the nonprofit and tech sectors does not reflect current demographic trends. In fact, the United States is on track to achieve record diversity as a nation, yet leadership in these sectors has remained stagnant for over 30 years. While there have recently been several equity and inclusion initiatives in the tech world, there continues to be a need to specifically support leadership development at the intersection of progressive social movement building and technology.

To help address this issue, Voqal partnered with the Rockwood Leadership Institute to create the Techquity Fellowship program. This program is focused on transforming the sector by integrating equity and inclusion into organizations and the field. By working with pairs consisting of a senior organizational leader and a technology strategist from 12 organizations, the program enables organizations to effectively lead change and create a dynamic that supports the development of emerging technology leaders.

To learn more about the program and how to apply visit the Rockwood Leadership Institute’s website.