Voqal Announces New Grant to Oregon Progressive Fund

March 16, 2017

The Voqal Fund is pleased to announce a new grant to Oregon Progressive Fund, an organization working in the Portland area to enhance the community and strengthen social equity. The funding from Voqal will be used to renew, upgrade and maintain Oregon Progressive Fund’s active subscription to the voter file through the Voter Activation Network (VAN). This grant reflects Voqal’s commitment to support progressive movements for social change.

The early investment in utilizing the VAN promotes civic engagement, the outcome of which will be larger voter turnout among voters and increased voter registration among diverse Oregonians. This platform and information empowers the Oregon Progressive Fund to mobilize citizens who will use their voting power to elect progressive candidates to vote on ballot measures, which have far-reaching social and economic justice implications and align with the values of Oregonians at a state and national level.

Learn more about the work of the Voqal Fund by visiting the Voqal Fund webpage.