Voqal Announces New Grants to Minnesota Organizations

March 8, 2017

The Voqal Fund is pleased to announce two new grants to organizations working in Minnesota to enhance the community and strengthen social equity. The grants to WIN Minnesota and Voices for Racial Justice reflect Voqal Fund’s commitment to support progressive movements for social change.

WIN Minnesota
WIN Minnesota is an alliance of donors dedicated to moving Minnesota forward by supporting the nation’s most sophisticated and effective state-based progressive infrastructure. WIN Minnesota supports a unified strategy focused on the organizing and civic engagement efforts of the state’s most powerful progressive organizations. It builds public support for progressive policies in health care, education, the environment, women’s issues, LGBT rights, human rights and economic justice. With support from Voqal, WIN Minnesota will educate and mobilize Minnesotans to advance progressive issues and increase the power of Minnesotans in underrepresented communities.

Voices for Racial Justice
Voices for Racial Justice advances racial, cultural, social and economic justice in Minnesota through organizer and leadership training, strategic convenings and campaigns, and the creation of research and policy tools. Voqal’s support will assist Voices for Racial Justice as it leads an urgent national media justice project related to surveillance on communities of color. This project and the other work of Voices for Racial Justice will lead to a stronger network of racial justice organizers working together to advance social change across Minnesota communities.

Learn more about the work of the Voqal Fund by visiting the Voqal Fund webpage.