Voqal Condemns the Racist Attack on the Asian American Community in Atlanta

Photo of Atlanta at Sunset

The murders of eight individuals, six of whom were Asian American women, on March 16 was a tragedy. It was also a racist act of domestic terrorism. We are heartbroken by this terrible loss of lives, and our support goes out to all of the victims, their loved ones, and our friends in the Asian American community that have been profoundly impacted by this attack.

We categorically condemn the increasing racism and violence that has been inflicted upon the Asian American community during the COVID19 pandemic. It is unacceptable and we stand with those fighting this insidious thread of white supremacy that continues to plague our country.

We encourage everyone to check out APANO’s statement in response to the attack to learn how you can show your support and take direct action.

You can also sign on to the collective statement from Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta calling for a community-centered response to this tragedy.