Voqal Education Opportunity Project Investee Schoolrunner Acquired by SchoolMint

Image Description: Schoolrunner logo consisting of a cartoon pencil shaped in the form of an S followed by the world schoolrunner in grey letters.

Earlier this summer, Voqal investee, Schoolrunner was acquired by SchoolMint. We are excited to have been a part of Schoolrunner’s journey and congratulate SchoolMint on this excellent addition to its platform.

Schoolrunner is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables evidence-based teaching and learning. The platform provides a single place to track, analyze, and act on all aspects of a school’s unique ecosystem, facilitating data-driven instruction, while saving time for teachers and encouraging parents to become more engaged. Voqal’s initial investment in 2017, assisted the company in its goal to empower schools with actionable data to help improve student achievement.

SchoolMint is dedicated to helping educators create bright, sustainable futures. Serving more than 11 million students and families in more than 16,000 schools across the country, SchoolMint is the leading K-12 provider of solutions for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM).

In the press release announcing the merger, SchoolMint CEO Bryan MacDonald said,

“Adding Schoolrunner to the SchoolMint family accelerates our mission to help customers attract, enroll, and retain students and teachers. By combining rich data capabilities with advanced analytics and communication tools, Schoolrunner brings educators, students and families together in meaningful data dialogue. Now more than ever, these insights are so valuable in helping every stakeholder make informed decisions, and in particular significantly increasing our customer ROI.”

We are excited for another successful exit of a company in Voqal’s Education Opportunity Project portfolio. SchoolMint is well-positioned to help increase the impact of Schoolrunner and we look forward to their enhanced ability to improve student achievement.

You can learn more about the Voqal Education Opportunity Project and the other amazing organizations we support on our investing for educational impact page.