Voqal Fund Announces Additional Four Grants

February 10, 2016

In line with its commitment to supporting the dissemination of alternative ideas, Voqal Fund announced today an additional four grants.

The grants are to The Domestic Worker Legacy Fund, National People’s Action Fund, PICO National Action Fund, and Not An Alternative.

The Domestic Worker Legacy Fund
The Domestic Worker Legacy Fund undertakes activities that support and advance the rights and socio-economic well-being of domestic workers, nannies, housekeepers, caregivers for the elderly and others. This project specifically advocates for a progressive long-term care social insurance law in Hawaii.

National People’s Action Fund
National People’s Action Fund plans to launch an expanded national digital organizing program that can advance its People & Planet First Campaign, which aims to address the triple crisis of expanding inequality, a broken democracy and a planet in peril.

PICO National Action Fund
The mission of the PICO National Action Fund is to achieve racial and economic justice by building a multi-racial movement led by people of faith and those who suffer most from unjust policies. Ultimately, in partnership with many others, PICO seeks to change the “tough on crime” political imperatives that have fueled mass incarceration; and to help build the constituency for far-reaching criminal justice reforms at all levels of government.

Not An Alternative
Not An Alternative seeks to educate the public about the impacts of our reliance on fossil fuels, and inspire people with stories of collective resistance that have resulted in positive outcomes for society — highlighting the conditions that gave rise to the dominance of the fossil fuel industry, and will ultimately lead to its demise.