Voqal Fund Announces New Grants to Twin Cities Organizations

February 9, 2016

Voqal Fund is pleased to announce three new grants to organizations working in the Twin Cities area to enhance the community and strengthen social equality. The grants to Voices for Racial Justice, St. Paul Neighborhood Network and the Twin Cities Media Alliance reflect Voqal Fund’s commitment to support progressive movements for social change.

Voices for Racial Justice
Voqal Fund’s grant to Voices for Racial Justice will help the Minneapolis-based nonprofit further its mission of advancing racial, cultural, social and economic justice in Minnesota through organizer and leadership training, strategic convenings and campaigns and the creation of research and policy tools.

St. Paul Neighborhood Network
With support from Voqal Fund, the St. Paul Neighborhood Network will become an anchor tenant in Vandalia Tower, part of the Creative Enterprise Zone in Saint Paul. The development will be part of a creative campus bringing revenue and cultural life to an underutilized corridor of the community, while becoming a hub for civic tech education, cultural and artistic expression and community dialogue.

Twin Cities Media Alliance
Voqal Fund’s support for Twin Cities Media Alliance will help the organization advance its current work to equip community members — particularly individuals from and organizations that work with marginalized communities — with the power of media arts to define and amplify their narratives, connect across communities and ultimately drive new thinking and engagement around their stories.

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