Voqal Invests Over $118,000 to Advance Progressive Social Change in Colorado

October 8, 2018

Voqal is pleased to announce seven grants to organizations working in Colorado to strengthen the community through progressive organizing and ballot initiatives aimed at creating a more socially equitable state. The grants of $9,640 to Abolish Slavery Colorado, $25,000 to the Colorado Fiscal Institute, $15,000 to Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative, $25,000 to Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Action Fund (CIRC), $9,640 to Great Education Action Fund, $25,000 to the Great Education Colorado Issue Committee and $9,640 to Save Our Neighborhoods reflect Voqal’s commitment to supporting progressive movements for social change.

Abolish Slavery Colorado
Abolish Slavery Colorado is a coalition working to pass Amendment A, an amendment aimed at abolishing slavery from the Colorado state constitution. Voqal’s grant will help support Abolish Slavery Colorado’s digital campaign focused on mobilizing Colorado citizens to remove this outdated and abhorrent language from the state constitution once and for all.

Colorado Fiscal Institute
The Colorado Fiscal Institute provides credible, independent and accessible information and analysis of fiscal and economic issues facing Colorado. It informs and influences policy debates and contributes to sound decisions that improve the well-being of individuals, communities and the state as a whole. Voqal’s grant will support Colorado Fiscal Institute’s initial work on Vision 2020, an effort to build the public investment majority needed to pass substantial constitutional fiscal reform during the 2020 election.

Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative
The Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative assists immigrant-serving organizations with building capacity to support outreach, education and legal services across Colorado. Voqal’s support is helping the Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative continue its investment in those organizations that are working tirelessly to protect immigrant communities in Colorado.

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Action Fund (CIRC)
The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) is a statewide membership-based coalition of immigrant, faith, labor, youth and ally organizations focused on building a unified statewide voice to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Colorado and the United States. Voqal’s grant is supporting CIRC’s efforts to mobilize newly registered and infrequent voters who are people of color to participate in the 2018 elections.

Great Education Action Fund
Great Education Colorado Action brings grassroots muscle to the fight for better investment in teaching and classrooms so that every student — regardless of their zip code, how they learn or their economic circumstances — graduates ready for the world. Voqal’s grant is supporting Great Education Action Fund’s education and outreach efforts to build the constituent knowledge base, advocacy capacity and organizational relationships necessary for policy success.

Great Education Colorado Issue Committee
The Great Education Colorado Issue Committee is working to pass Initiative 93, the Great Schools, Thriving Communities (GSTC) ballot measure, which will more adequately and equitably fund Colorado’s schools. Voqal’s grant is supporting the organizing needed to mobilize the public to pass this important measure.

Save Our Neighborhoods
Save Our Neighborhoods is a coalition focused on defeating Amendment 74. This proposed amendment to the Colorado state constitution seeks to redefine and dramatically broaden the definition of government takings. This could effectively result in state and local governments being unable to pass any environmental, health, safety, or other regulations, zoning and ordinances if they are shown to have any impact whatsoever on private property. Voqal’s grant is supporting Save Our Neighborhood’s efforts to educate the public and mobilize citizens against this harmful amendment.

“We are proud to support these organizations as they work to create a more socially equitable and just Colorado,” said Voqal board member, Cec Ortiz.