Voqal Invites Proposals for R&D Funding of Mobile Digital Technology for Progressive Social Change

May 1, 2017

The mobile internet is its own medium. It is well on its way to becoming as different from internet on a computer as the internet is from print or from television. Many internet-connected services — including those of online organizers — that historically functioned as disruptors are finding themselves to be the recipients of disruption. Will progressive online efforts be bypassed by mobile technology or can we benefit from the top-to-bottom reordering to come?

To propel this incipient mobile revolution Voqal is inviting proposals for its $50,000 Research and Development program. Focused on accelerating the creation of mobile digital technology aimed at advancing progressive social change, this program is open to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations based in the United States.

For more details about this program and its eligibility requirements click here. The deadline for submitting proposals is May 31, 2017 so act fast!