Voqal Makes a Big Splash at Netroots Nation

August 15, 2017

Netroots Nation 2017 took place in Atlanta this past weekend. As has become tradition in recent years, the 2017 class of Voqal Fellows completed their term by coming together to participate in and engage with one of the largest annual convening of progressives in the country. This year may have been Voqal’s most exciting Netroots Nation yet.

Following an inspiring plenary featuring a number of progressive leaders Voqal, the Kairos Fellowship and New Media Ventures hosted the Innovate+Imbibe Happy Hour to help educate and recruit attendees for the organizations’ programs. Voqal Fellows, staff and board members were on hand and engaged with many potential fellows and mentors. Thanks to everyone who attended!

In addition to learning from all the great progressives, several Voqal Fellows actively participated in the conference. Voqal Fellow, Reetu Mody spoke on a Thursday panel about the issue of universal basic income. On Saturday, Voqal Fellow Catherine Huang pitched her WorkIt platform during the always inspiring, New Media Ventures New Tools Showcase. Also, just across the hall, Voqal Fellow Tenaja Jordan culminated a full weekend of competition with 32 other participants to win the coveted Pundit’s Cup. Congratulations Tenaja! Finally, Voqal Fellow Jeremy McQueen was on hand to capture video from the weekend to include in a future video about the Voqal Fellowship. Check back in the coming months for the finished video.

Voqal was thoroughly impressed by the progressive energy that came out of this year’s Netroots Nation. Furthermore, Voqal is proud of this year’s class of Voqal Fellows and the active role they took in such an important conference. We look forward to seeing the great work that will no doubt result from the Voqal Fellows and the lessons they learned from this year’s Netroots Nation.

Interested in reliving Netroots Nation? Check out netrootsnation.org to view videos from the event.

Want to learn how to become a Voqal Fellow or mentor? Visit the Voqal Fellowship page today.