Voqal Releases 2017 Annual Report

November 8, 2017

Voqal is proud to announce the release of this year’s annual report. Fiscal year 2017 was another successful year for Voqal as many innovative ideas that began as simply as a plan on a sticky note came to fruition. By executing those plans we continued our quest to fulfill the mission of EBS and create a more socially equitable world.

Among the many amazing stories in the annual report, you will learn of an organic farm that is using mobile hotspots to expand school field trips and educational workshops. You will also learn about an amazing project from one of the six Voqal Fellows, Andrea Hart. You’ll hear about the Education Venture Fund, which in its second year continued to make calculated bets on early technology startups with a goal of reducing opportunity gaps in education. Finally, you’ll read about a Voqal Fund supported initiative in Seattle that has the potential to change the game when it comes to voter participation in elections.

As strong advocates of an educated and empowered public, we are honored to have had the opportunity to support so many organizations and individuals who have contributed to important advances in social equity in 2017. As we move forward into the coming year, we hope to continue the planning and execution needed to support progressive change-makers and further advance social equity. In the meantime, download our 2017 Annual Report to learn more about Voqal’s year of plans and how they became a reality.