Voqal Releases New Telecommunications Policy Resources

Voqal believes that telecommunications policy should be focused on ensuring that the country’s telecommunications resources and infrastructure contribute to a socially equitable world for all. In addition, these resources have immense educational benefits and policies should be crafted in a way that leverages those benefits. We engage with the FCC and other government agencies to ensure this point of view is heard.

In an attempt to demystify this somewhat complicated policy area Voqal’s president, John Schwartz, and director of telecommunications strategy, Mark Colwell, recently created two presentations to help inform those interested in learning more about telecommunications spectrum and its current economic value.

Spectrum Basics
The first presentation gives a basic overview of spectrum and how it relates to the deployment of wireless broadband and mobile internet deployment. We recommend this presentation for telecommunications policy novices and those looking for a basic understanding of spectrum and how it relates to wireless broadband deployment.

Spectrum Marketplace
The second presentation takes a deep look at the spectrum marketplace and the ever-changing value of this valuable resource. This is a more advanced presentation and includes industry terminology. We recommend watching the spectrum basics presentation first, especially for those relatively new to the world of telecommunications policy.

You can find these videos, their corresponding PowerPoint presentations, and other valuable telecommunications policy resources on our protecting public airwaves page.

Lastly, both of these videos along with some great videos about our other projects are available on the Voqal YouTube channel.