Voqal Reviews its Philanthropic Investments to Address Money in Politics

October 18, 2017

Voqal recently concluded a multi-year, $2 million effort at addressing the influence of wealthy and corporate interest in politics. To measure the success of this effort, as well as inform decision making moving forward, Voqal conducted a strategic review of its work.

The review is broken down into two reports.

The first, titled Taking Money Out of Politics: A Weighty Lift was presented to Voqal’s leadership in May 2016 and contains an extensive report on Voqal’s work giving several recommendations for further involvement in the area — recommendations that Voqal acted on through an additional investment of over $400K in money in politics initiatives over the past year. You can read the report titled.

The second, titled Balancing the Scales: The Fight for Our Democracy supplements and concludes the previously mentioned report. This document gives an up-to-date look at the money in politics issue landscape in the wake of the 2016 election.

While these strategic reviews are catered specifically to Voqal’s efforts, the findings and recommendations may serve as a useful tool for other funders and organizations working to address the oversized role money plays in the current political system. Over the coming months, we plan on sharing these lessons and recommendations to help others who share this commitment.

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