Voqal’s Mobile R&D Program Funds Online SOS and Parents Together

September 20, 2017

Voqal is pleased to announce the first-ever recipients of its Mobile R&D Program: Online SOS and Parents Together. Voqal is providing both organizations $25,000 to develop mobile digital technology aimed at advancing progressive social change. Online SOS will develop a mobile chatbot to help individuals suffering from online harassment, while Parents Together will focus on building the first progressive Messenger-based organizing operation.

Online SOS
Online SOS is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization addressing online harassment through prevention and early intervention. It works to ensure people can access expert help as quickly as possible, with the least amount of emotional distress. Its planned mobile chatbot is aimed at helping individuals suffering from online harassment by providing high-quality, personalized information, guidance, and support for fast, effective early intervention before individuals self-censor or disengage online.

ParentsTogether is a national nonprofit organization that provides resources, connections and community that helps all kids and parents thrive. Like most Americans, rank-and-file progressives now communicate primarily via mobile messaging – but progressive organizations haven’t caught up. Parents Together will use its funding to take advantage of Facebook Messenger’s new status as an open platform to build the first progressive Messenger-based organizing force. In the process, Parents Together will help pave the way for progressives to effectively mobilize and engage millions of people via mobile messaging.

Voqal looks forward to seeing how both these efforts at using mobile digital technology to advance progressive social change contribute to the creation of a more socially equitable society for all.