WorkIt Empowers Walmart Employees to Create Positive Change in the Workplace

October 19, 2017

Our Walmart works to ensure that every Walmart Associate, regardless of his or her title, age, race, sex, sexual orientation or disability is respected at Walmart and in the retail industry generally. It envisions a future in which retail companies treat their employees with respect and dignity, and where Walmart leads this effort. With Voqal’s support, OUR Walmart successfully launched WorkIt, a digital platform that leverages its distributive base of volunteer leaders and machine learning to provide information and support to people working in low wage jobs.

OUR Walmart is dedicated to developing ways for Walmart and other retail workers to become involved. While traditional campaigns center on dynamic, outspoken leaders, WorkIt, has enabled OUR Walmart to develop a whole new cadre of leaders who bring different skillsets to the organization.

One of these leaders, is Sam Hampton, an introverted Walmart e-commerce department manager from Wood River, Illinois. Sam was engaged with OUR Walmart’s Facebook network but was never going to confront his manager or attend an action. Since Sam found out about WorkIt he has built out a Wikipedia style site of Walmart policy content, trained other associates to be peer experts, helped organize Our Walmart’s content, answered more than 800 questions and helped thousands of associates navigate complicated Walmart policies.

In OUR Walmart’s end of the year appreciations, Elizabeth Marler from Semmes, Alabama had this to say about Sam, “Words can not express how grateful we all are that you joined our Workit Expert Team. I dare say the launch would never have been the success it was without your dedication and hard work. You’ve always been there when others of us (myself included) haven’t been able to devote the time we probably should. I don’t know how you do it! We would be lost without you!”

Our Walmart’s innovative use of technology to engage Walmart employees in making positive changes in their workplaces has the potential to lead to greater social equity across the retail industry. Voqal is proud to have supported this important work and looks forward to seeing continued success from Our Walmart and WorkIt.