World’s Leading Progressive Digital Organizers Form Thriving Network

November 25, 2015

The Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN) is a new and growing association of the world’s leading nation-based digital campaigning organizations. The network is demonstrating how its “Open Way” — non-competition; member ownership; aligned values and practice; a culture of trust and respect — can build a global community of innovative change-makers, each more powerful than they would be alone.

Using a model of member-led campaigning, OPEN’s member organizations help 15+ million supporters act together for the common good, allowing them to collaborate, share and grow. Because competition and territorialism can block transparency and generosity, OPEN membership is limited to national organizations, one per nation.

In 2014, OPEN spurred global action to support the United Nations Climate Summit and People’s Climate Mobilization. OPEN sponsored a joint staff position with to bring global climate expertise to domestic groups. MoveOn and Leadnow organized major turn-out programs to boost the flagship event in New York, as well as drove the first trans-U.S./Canada border climate rally. GetUp took lead responsibility for a 40,000+ person rally in Melbourne, while 38 Degrees sent thousands of members to the London rally. Even smaller affiliates in India, New Zealand and Nigeria organized or supported events.

Under OPEN’s platform, members seamlessly exchanged mobilization resources such as core messaging, high-performing email copy, graphics and ride-sharing technology. OPEN collected images and video from all members and piped them instantly into the global press stream and video projections in New York.

With the help of Voqal Fund, OPEN is driving people-powered progressive change, in more places, much faster.