A Poetic Profile of the 2019 Voqal Fellows: Part One

March 7, 2019

As we mentioned back in January, this year’s Voqal Fellowship convening was honored to have poet, Adrian H. Molina document the meeting through a process called Live Scribe Poetics. After hearing the poem, The Fellows agreed that it would serve as a manifesto for this year’s Fellowship cohort. In order to share this impressive piece of art in a more digestible way, we’ll be highlighting excerpts from Adrian’s poem, Cooperative and Collaborative Politics of Change, over the next few months. The first installment is below. 


When destiny feels possible
the call for change is Young,
Brilliant, Black, Brown, Female, Queer —
undefined, unhinged.
Power breathes in the room,
sizing up the moment,
speaking with confidence,
speaking with integrity,
speaking with belief
that it is within the power of the Citizen
to make possible the invisible.

When destiny feels possible
Color speaks without fear of authority.
Color claims authority, because another world
is the higher power.

We are thought leaders, change makers, risk takers,
designers, dreamers, researchers, policy makers, gamers, game changers —
if there is to be One, we are the Future.

So drink up. Eat up.
Act like you to deserve to be here.
Dinner is on the Multiverse.
Feel your cup,
and get some rest.
is sunrise.

You can learn more about Adrian and his work at molinaspeaks.com.

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