Voqal 2020 Annual Report: Building Collective Power

Annual Report Cover including the picture of an older Black man.

We are excited to announce the release of our 2020 Annual Report.

As a collection of EBS (Educational Broadband Service) licensees focused on social justice, Voqal is committed to making change happen. This past year that change has been centered around building collective power in the communities most impacted by inequities. As Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley says, “The people closest to the pain, should be closest to the power.”

While not a radical concept on its face, it has the power to truly transform our collective future.

In this year’s report, we share how we have strived to give those on the margins a voice — everything from fighting for internet access on tribal lands and working to ensure all families have access to an online education to engaging senior citizens advocating for safe public housing in Chicago and supporting innovative projects like IssueVoter, a nonpartisan, online platform that offers everyone a voice in our democracy. This year’s report also includes an update on Voqal’s commitment to internal change and our ongoing DEI efforts.

At Voqal, our vision is a socially equitable and just world, and events of the past year leave us with no doubt that the world we dream of is just that — still a dream. That said, we will keep advocating for this vision, now and in the future — whatever it may bring.

Learn more about the organizations and individuals at the center of our work in the Voqal 2020 Annual Report: Building Collective Power.